About three weeks ago, my employer HAUS Interactive sponsored a weekend-long art hack. During the hack, I helped a fellow colleague create a font from scratch. Initially, the font was designed in Illustrator. Once the basic font-set was laid out, it quickly became apparent that taking font paths and converting it to a TrueType .tff was going to be the majority of the work. Also, getting all the fonts properly spaced and sized was going to be a pain in the butt. After some searching, I came across this tutorial and template file to help export fonts from Illustrator to FontLab Studio. A god send at the time. But the template file eventually came up short in my eyes being that it was set up to export one font at a time and getting proper kerning between the fonts was going to be a nightmare. After a few hours of preparing the fonts to be exported into FontLab Studio I vowed no one should ever have to do this again and decided to create a script to take away most of the production work of font development.

After a few nights of work (much thanks to Dr.Woohoo for guidance and his extendscript tutorials), it was complete. So without further banter, here is the zip with a script, Illustrator and FontLab Studio template files to help vastly speed up the hours of tedium that comes with creating a font.


Also a link to the git repo of the project if you choose to extend the script.