As development of our first ipad app winds down, we are reflecting upon what we have learned and it is a lot. In this process, we have tread into some new territories. One of our proudest accomplishments is in the form of a completely new UI paradigm for the iOS platform.

We are calling it the “Circle Slider Button“. Yes, the name could use some work; suggestions are welcome. But as defined in the video above, it is a button that slides out to reveal other buttons that can be set and unset accordingly.  The CircleSliderButton object is initialized with a set number of CCMenuItems. With a little magic from a double angle formula and some objective-c, it will then create an equally spaced radial menu. The reveal can also be altered at any point by redefining the object’s actions.

The full source as well as the PSD files for all the buttons used in the demo can be found at its home at github. Feel free to alter or use the code to your heart’s content.